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Liberty Mutual

+ Annual report, print and online

+ Brand communication

+ Video series shot in the U.S.,  England, Russia and India

Created while our founder served as Managing Director at Suka Creative.


To create a break-through annual report that would articulate the company’s strength and growth to shareholders while also rallying employees to the company’s strategic plan and realignment of business units. Additionally, we sought to convince leadership to take their annual report fully online.



Building on the company’s thoughtful implementation of its strategic plan, our founder led the theme development and won approval of the direction for the annual review, the company's signature internally- and externally-facing communication platform. With a strategic theme in place, the team created the online annual report, with matching print piece.


Our founder led the client relationship, consulted on design, edited all client-created copy, and produced videos in four countries that played up to the theme.

The result was four years of break-through reports that showcased Liberty Mutual’s commitment to its values and customers, and positioned the company as a one of the top five property and casualty insurance companies in the world.



2012 Annual Review

2013 Annual Review


Theme lines

2011: Response, Ability

2012: On purpose

2013: Momentum

2014: Principled 

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