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Cozy Arts


+ Brand and user research

+ Organizational structure

+ Brand and sub-brand definition

+ Brand architecture and voice

+ Positioning and messaging 

+ Visual identity systems 

+ Website design, writing and development

+ Collateral templates 

+ Digital and Social assets

See Cozy Arts website


Cozy Corner came to us with questions about defining its brand, clarifying its business, reaching new audiences and growing its fundraising. A stand out puppet-theater company from Boston, the organization believed it had potential to add to its performances with programming and resources for schools, families and communities and to expand its productions into television and streaming media. 


After initial discussions, we agreed to a two-stage engagement — the first to define the opportunity and brand and the second to build a website and suite of resources to take the company forward. We led a robust discovery phase that included focus groups, interviews, competitive analysis, brand audit and market assessment, and then shared a findings report with recommendations laying out a path for growth. 


To match the company’s aspirations to nurture the capacities of children and contribute to social change, we proposed restructuring the organization and repositioning its productions around a central organizing belief: “Children of all backgrounds and abilities have feelings that matter and capacities that can change the world.” Moving this belief to the center of the brand was instrumental in defining structure, positioning for growth, and naming offerings.

With unity of thought and vision in place, we turned to the creative work:  


+ Naming and organizational structure: Built on the warmth, inclusivity and sense of place that distinguish the name “Cozy Corner” with a naming system for the organization and offerings. Cozy Arts would be the new parent organization with Cozy Corner as its performing arts company. Branded offerings, such as Cozy Classroom, Cozy Home and Cozy Connect, would serve educator, family and institutional audiences.


+ Position and messaging: Drafted a detailed messaging platform to communicate and differentiate the organization’s unique value and to speak with warmth and clarity to its diverse audiences — families, educators, funders and theater professionals.


+ Visual brand: Brought the language to life with a vibrant, warm and purposeful visual identity. The company redesigned its puppets and new illustrations brought the sub-brand logos and secondary graphic system to life.

+ Website: Designed and developed the website to put primary audiences one click from the most relevant information to fuel engagement and decision-making. As informative as it is inclusive, the website conveys the heart, creativity and vision that distinguish the company. We integrated engagement actions at every level, from newsletter signups and downloads to donations and bookings.

+ Collateral materials and digital assets: Created templates and materials for a suite of Cozy Classroom and Cozy Home educational resources as well as all assets for digital and social media platforms.


Positioning Statement and Narrative

We believe children of all backgrounds and abilities have feelings that matter and capacities that can change the world.

Cozy Arts is dedicated to creating original puppet productions and resources that invite children, and their adults, to cultivate trusting relationships, welcoming communities and a healthy planet.

+ Creating healthy communities requires that adults collaborate to raise children who are empathetic and resilient, curious and kind — and able to identify, describe and dismantle racial, economic and environmental injustice.

+ Through our Cozy Corner series, we present interactive puppet performances that explore the inner lives of children and the meaning of community.


+ By engaging children’s innate curiosity and creativity, we help cultivate the insights, qualities and skills children need to find their unique path in the context of family, friendship and community.

Welcome to Cozy Corner 

...where the sky is bluer and the sun is warmer — and new friends are waiting for you.


Cozy Corner is a series of interactive puppet performances and learning resources that use the colorful world of theater to explore big, bold, brave ideas. 

Whether you visit Cozy Corner in a big theater or on a small screen at home, our performances will have you and your children laughing, singing and exploring ideas about character, creativity and community. Help Rory find Mr. Cuddles. Share your ideas. Shout out your questions. 

After we say goodbye, Cozy Corner extends learning beyond our performances with downloadable music and resources for your home and classroom. Color, create and explore questions right along with Rory. What does kindness look like? How do you stand up for a friend if they’re not treated fairly? Can I help make the world a better place? 

We were little once too, not so long ago. We know how much feelings, friendship and fairness matter. Welcome to Cozy Corner. We can’t wait to meet you.

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